The Four Keys to 10X Your Confidence

I talk to hundreds of energy healing practitioners every year. These are our friends and colleagues, and I love sharing heart-to-heart with our wonderful community.

They tell me their biggest challenges, and one of the common problems they face is confidence in their abilities.

In fact, in a recent survey we did, 27% of respondents said it was their BIGGEST problem.

I’ve pondered how to help meet this challenge, and here are what I believe are the 4 keys:

  1. Educate yourself in the best evidence-based techniques
  2. Become a world-class health coach
  3. Tap the wisdom of an experienced mentor
  4. Obtain a top-level accredited certification

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Build A Deep Tool Kit

Online you can find thousands of “energy healers” who picked up a technique or two by reading a book, or attending a weekend seminar.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with that… However, is it enough?

Imagine someone presenting themselves as a surgeon after going to weekend seminar. Would you choose that person to operate on you? Probably not.

In fact, my mentor Norm Shealy, MD, PhD, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, developed a test for people who called themselves “medical intuitives.”

He found that only 2 out of 100 actually had that ability!

That points to the need for credible training and high-quality education in our field.

Another part of getting a thorough education is having all the skills required for the wide variety of clients you’ll see in practice.

Our practitioners know a lot about EFT, and I’ve spent the last 10 years researching this incredibly effective method.

However, it isn’t always enough; if you’ve watched my live demonstrations, you’ll see me using tools from many other modalities, including Gestalt therapy, Family Constellation work, Energy Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology, Heart Coherence training, and others.

Builders have different tools for different tasks, like saws, hammers, and screwdrivers. A doctor might try one medication, then switch to a different one if the first one doesn’t work.

That’s why I like to see energy healing practitioners developing a large and varied tool kit. That gives them the confidence to know that they can handle the challenges presented by a wide variety of clients.

Screen shot 2011-07-26 at 12.15.36 PMConfidence Booster #2:
Become A World-Class Coach

In order to create change in your clients, energy healing skills are essential, but not enough. You also need effective coaching skills.

These include the ability to read your client’s willingness and ability to change, to work with resistance and ambivalence, to set clear boundaries and establish reasonable expectations.

Coaching skills are the delivery system that integrates your energy work with a client’s psyche.

Imagine a superstar athlete like Michael Jordan working with a young athlete. He has superb abilities, but unless he also possesses great coaching skills, his ability to transfer those abilities to another person is  extremely limited.

The same principle applies to energy healers. Just because you’ve mastered EFT doesn’t mean you can effectively create lifelong change in your clients.

Mastering the psychology of coaching is one of the best ways to increase your effectiveness and confidence as a practitioner.

Here’s a small list of some of the key tools you’ll need to become a great coach:

  • Mindful Listening
  • Open Ended Inquiry
  • Identifying the 5 Stages of Change
  • Developing a Compelling Vision
  • Cultivating Self-Efficacy
  • Formulating a Coaching Contract
  • Defining Reasonable Time Frames for Change
  • Sparking Generative Moments
  • Using Silence to Catalyze Forward Movement
  • Asking Bullseye Questions
  • Using Resistance to Advantage
  • Understanding How Coaching Differs from Therapy
  • Establishing Trust and Rapport

Screen shot 2011-07-26 at 12.14.52 PMConfidence Booster #3:
Get Mentored And Coached

It’s normal to have doubts about your abilities unless a true expert has provided experienced guidance.  

This is why having a great teacher work with you to evaluate your performance and upgrade your skills is absolutely vital.

I’ve found that an expert can give me little refinements that that produce massive differences.

For example, I mentor dozens of practitioners a year, but…

I have my own supervisor who periodically reviews my performance. He’s a professor at Stanford Medical School, and when he observes me, his feedback is incredibly valuable in refining my performance.

Another example: I recently attended a workshop taught by a brilliant neuroscientist colleague. As he explained very difficult concepts to the group, I picked up 2 techniques that were so valuable that I immediately implemented them throughout our entire training system.

You can learn things in a few hours with a good mentor that would take you 10 years to learn on your own!

Logo - SmallConfidence Booster #4: Get Certified

Every year, my office gets dozens of requests to recommend a practitioner. People phone or email and ask, “Who’s your very best practitioner for [fill in the blank].”

Do you know what I tell them? I point them to our list of certified practitioners, and tell them that everyone on that list has been trained thoroughly, and I have confidence in their abilities.

Everyone. I know that once they’ve completed those rigorous certification requirements, they have the skills to deliver solid and reliable results. Clients want to be confident that they’re working with someone good, and certification provides that confidence.

Certification is a critical tool to increase your sales and confidence.

Clients want to work with practitioners who have accredited certifications. Certification tells the world that you’ve got the knowledge and skills to work effectively with others, and that you’ve put in the time and dedication to earn your credential.

For these reasons, I’m unveiling a comprehensive 6 month certification in Energy Psychology on October 20th. It includes a career-launching plan from one of the top internet marketers active today.

I’ve put everything I know into this program. It goes far beyond EFT to include skills from a wide variety of integrative healing modalities. I know that when you see it, you’re going to find it incredibly exciting!

For these reasons, I’d like you to discover more about a comprehensive 6 month certification in Energy Psychology that I’ve put together.

It includes a career-launching plan from one of the top internet marketers active today. I’ve put everything I know into this program.

It goes far beyond EFT to include skills from a wide variety of integrative healing modalities. I know that when you see it, you’re going to find it incredibly exciting!

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